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Fiber opener

Model: EFFO 1001-360 /1001-560/1001-790


1 Suitable for upholstery sofa & beddingㄛs production. To enhance competitiveness and improve working efficiency.

2 Suitable for opening all kinds of short fibers (Less than
100mm). Such as polyester, glue-spray cotton, silk floss,
woolen. With a remarkable opening rate. (99%)

3 After processing the fiber will be even and fluffy.

4 Compact structure, high productivity, long working life,
low cost of maintenance. Equipped with safety devices.
When the machine is overloaded, it will stop automatically.

Technical data:

Model: EFFO 1001-360
1. Belt width: 360mm
2. 2. Dimensions (L*W*W): 2140*750*940
3. Power: 2.95kw
4. Net weight: 400kg
5. Capacity: 60-80kg/hour

Model: EFFO1001-560
1. Belt width: 560mm
2. Dimensions (L*W*W): 2050*900*940
3. Power: 4.75kw
4. Net weight: 600kg
5. Capacity: 120-150kg/hour

Model: EFFO1001-790
1. Belt width:
2. Dimensions (L*W*W): 2150*1150*980
3. Power: 6.25kw
4. Net weight: 800kg
5. Capacity: 160-190kg/hour

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