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rigid horizontal saw

Model : HHHS-1250RI/1650RI

video# 1 : click here to see

materials to cut:
Rigid PVC foams and similar materials

This special bandsaw allows for the sawing of rigid PVC foam blocks into various layer thicknesses. The rigid foam block is put onto a vacuum table which is sliding silently on hardened and ground steel bands. The drive is realized via rack and an adjustable table drive.

Depending on the length of the vacuum table the respective number of blocks can be loaded onto the table. The sawn layer has to be taken off after each cut. In order to facilitate this procedure, it is possible to program a respective waiting time in the range of 0,5 and 10 seconds after the cut.

technical data




max cutting height


cutting width and length



total power


sawing thinkness


cutting tolerance

㊣0.3~0.6mm for saw; 0.1 for bladeknife

with tolerance adjusted function

blade-saw length



machine size

L5800*W 3500*H2400mm


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