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Mattress quilting machine

Model: EFMQ -2000

- Computerized multi-needle shuttle less quilting machine


1. No contact point thread breaking detector, more reliable.
2. Computer controlled adjustable presser board lifting mechanism, enable it to quilt a broad range of material thicknesses.
3. No needle rod design, more durable, reliable and stable
4. Self error probing system, detects machine problems and displays error messages onto the computer screen
5. Brand new quilting machine software control system, allows more precise and stable quilting operations
6. Machine is able to run up to 1200 RPM using thinner needle(140/22)
7. Computer controlled automatic looper tracing system
8. Stable and reliable hook transmission mechanism
9. Titled body design, easy to operate and maintain
10. Able to quilt pattern in pattern and multiple pattern designs

Technical data:
1. Size: 5200X1500X2000(mm)
2. Weight: 4000kg
3. Quilt width: 2450mm
4. Rotation speed; 600-1200RPM
5. Production speed: 80-230m/h
6. Needle type: 140/22 180/24
7. Needle arrangement: (50.8,76.2,127)(76.2,76.2,152.4
8. Quilting thickness: ≒80mm
9. Stitch size: 2-8mm
10. Needle space: 25.4mm
11. Power: 6KW

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