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CNC wire cutting machine
- for rigid and flexible polyurethane foam,eps block cutter

Model : CNC-HHCC-2100

Polyurethane foam cutter - CNC 96" x 48" x 48" (L x W x H)

Computerized CNC Polyurethane foam cutter utilizing the braided wire.
Designed to cut soft polyurethane foam - mattress foam types including memory foam.
The machine is also capable of cutting semi rigid foams - floral foam and insulation foam

Technical data :
1. Max blade parameter: W1600*L2000*H1200
2. Speed of worktable: 1.5m/min
3. Break off protectio: alreadt set
4.Cutting with wire
5. Display: 15''
6. operation system: Windows 98 or above
7. editable prgram axis: X.Y
8. Edit language : C++
9. Spare parts: two pcs of wire. one pc of maintain


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