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Full set of fiber carding & filling

= Fiber openingHHFC-1001-560+ Fan feeding machine BC503+ Mixing machineBC1003-B+ Filling machine HHFC-502

1. Suitable for upholstery, Sofa and bedding production.
2. HHFC-1013 is the most favorable model by the customer who
needs to add other material during the backrest, cushion,
and pillow filling process.
3. HHFC-1001-560 for carding polyester, glue-spray cotton,BC1003-B for mixing other materials, such as wool, foam pieces, feather, BC502 for filling all the material into backrest, cushion, pillow.

Technical data:

Fiber opening HHFC-1001-560 :

1. Belt width: 560mm
2. Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H): 2050*900*940
3. Power: 4.75kw
4. Capacity: 120-150kg/hour
5. Voltage: 380V, 50Hz,

Fan feeding machine BC503 :
1. Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H): 610*520* 800
2. Power: 2.2kw
3. Net weight; 75kg

Mixing machine HHFC-B
1. Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H): 1840*1100*1680
2. Power: 4kw
3. Net weight; 400kg

Filling machineHHFC-502
1. Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H): 850*540*960
2. Power: 1.5kw
3. Net weight;70kg

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