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Add: 2nd industrial zone of yongqing,daojiao town ,dongguan ,Guangdong province, china
Tel: 86-769-81162362 fax: 86-769-88415199
Main Homepage: www.foammachine-home.com

Main Homepage: www.paomianjixie.com (foam machinery)
Homepage: www.liqieji.com (vertical cutting machine)
Email: @paomianjixie.com
Backup email: eastfieldmachine


Tel: 0086-769-81162362 Fax: 0086- 769-88415199
0086-189 9807 6959 (Chinese)
0086-189 2540 8596 (Chinese)
0086-189 2911 3801 (Chinese)
0086-189 2543 3003 (English)

Call chinese telephone number common sense:
Call fix telephone number, for example: ?Tel: 0086-769-81162362
0086 (country code) – 769 (city code) – 81162362 (phone number)
If you you call china from other country, you have to dial 0086-769-81162362, its country code, city code, and then number.
If you are in china buy one Chinese mobile card or use Chinese fix telephone to call us, you only dial 0769-81162362,without country code of “0086”,however, you have to dial one additional number of “zero” before the city code ,like 0769 -81162362.
Call Chinese mobile is different, for example: 0086-189 2543 3003 
0086(country number)-189 2543 3003 (phone number) there is no city code, only country number and phone number, If you call china from other country, you have to dial 0086-189 2543 3003 
If you are in china buy one Chinese mobile card you only need dial 189 2543 3003  without country code, if you use one Chinese fix telephone to call Chinese mobile in the same city , you dial 189 2543 3003 without city code ,however, if you call Chinese mobile in other city that is to say the fix telephone you use to call and the mobile you are going to call , these 2 number is not belong to the same city , you have to dial one additional number “zero” so you have to dial 0 189 2543 3003
For example, if you are in peking city use one peking fix phone to call another city of dongguan mobile, you have to add ‘zero” before the mobile number, wish my expression can help you during in china.




attention :

to insure every your email reach us timely , pls also CC : eastfieldmachine ,
which acted asour authorized backup and supervision email by eastfield market dep. thanks!


Relocated to new place
we are glad to draw your attention that we have relocated to Daojiao town from its original neighborhood town of Gaobu to meet daily increasing developpment since 2010,jan,19 new or returning customers ,welcome to visit our new production base!

ways to come to our factory:
1> if you are in HongKong, it’s take about 2.5 hour from hongkong airport (or every large hotel in hongkong)to our factory by shuttle bus which may pass by every big hotels in our city of Dongguan, as every 1 hour there will be one bus to dongguan,it’s comfortable ,safe ,what’s more , it’s economic,you can get off at the desitination hotel may silver hotel of dongguan or choose dongguan huanan mall air bus station we can pick
up you from there to our factory in less than half hour !

2>time to us from some major city :
from Guangzhou exhibition center:50minutes (automoblie )
from Guangzhou airport :75minutes (Airport shuttle bus to dongguan huanan mall air bus station)
from Shenzhen airport : 60minutes (Airport shuttle bus to dongguan huanan mall air bus station)
from Hongkong airport : 150minutes(Airport shuttle bus to dongguan huanan mall air bus stationt)
from Foshan city : 120 minutes (automoblie )
from wanjiang district of dongguan:15 minutes (automoblie )

welcome to visit china , what‘s more , welcome to our factory ! wish you have a nice trip
during staying in china ! exactly way to our factory , pls look it up from the below
map directions ,If meet some urgent issues during your trip in china ,you can dial us or call police by 110 !

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