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Foam cut off / block cutter

Model: HHBC- 1CO

The Fully Automatic Travelling Cut-Off Machine with rotating bandknife is used to cut flexible PU foam blocks
into length behind the foaming line. The machine is a self-contained unit and can, therefore, be installed behind any foaming line.
The machine consists of a conveyor equipment to take over the endless PU foam block and a cutting unit, which can be moved
in foaming direction. The conveyor equipment - and during the cutting process even the cutting unit -
are synchronized with the foaming line. As soon as the required block length is achieved, the cutting unit
automatically moves downwards. The rotating, teflon-coated bandknife cuts the block to the required length

technical data


max cutting height


working width


conveyer belt speed


total power


machine size


blade knife length


machine weight


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