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Angle foam cutting (edge)


·Simple handlig
·No additional software training necessary
·World wide support and delivery of spare parts
·Grinding unit
·Grinding dust extraction unit


Application Area:
Packing industry, furniture and upholstery industry, automotive industry, medical technical industry

Flexible foam,EPE,EVA, PE-bland, semi-rigid foam ,bonded foam, latex ,most apply for packing sector

Machine for angle cutting used to slope and template foam parts at the same time, It’s can be used as a small vertical cutting machine,it's characteristics can be described as following :
·2-wheel-knife unit with 10 mm band knife width
·Gummed running wheels with a diameter of 300 mm
·Out of the vertical position the stationary cutting unit can be swiveled forward or backward up to 15 degree by motor. Max. Adjustment: 90 degree.


Technical Data mm/ (")

HHAC-B (beeline) ( mm/")

inside table


outside table


Passage height at 90 degree position of the aggregate:

450 mm /17.71"


2 wheel knife unit

Powered grinding unit

45~90C of processing angle

Knife guiding and knife protector manually adjustable

Max. Cutting Speed:

3-25 m/min, depending on the material to be cut

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