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Fiber opening & filling machine

Model: EFFF-1005

Characteristic :
1. Suitable for pillow, backrest, cushion production.
2. The ideal materials for BC1005 are wool, polyester,
fiber, with the remarkable opening rate (99%) and fluffy
3. Equipped with precise electronic devices and two outlets
to ensure satisfactory weight controlling performance,
which is 10%.
4. The machine has overloaded device, and emergency
button, safe to use.

Technical data:

Model: EFFF-1005 Fiber opening :

1. size : 2120mm*730mm*940mm
2. Power: 2.95kw
3. Capacity: 60-80kg/hour
4. Net weight: 300kg
Model: EFFF-1005 Fiber filling :
1. size: 1030mm*670mm*1090mm
2. Power: 1.5kw
3. Capacity: 60-80kg/hour
4. Net weight: 100kg
5. Air pressure: <0.5MPa

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