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Foam vertical cutting

Model : HHVC--M3


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This machine allows for the cutting and trimming of blocks and slabs made of the above-mentioned materials. By means of a mobile side fence the requested layers of the materials are moved on the movable table. this machine is mostly used for foam rubber's upright slicing and moldedslicing work.It'scharacteristics can be described as following :

Materials to be cut:
Blocks and slabs made of PU flexible foam (polyether and polyester) as well as PVC flexible foam, furthermore rebond foams, viscose materials, and some special materials used in electronically etc.
data :
1.inner table size:W1320×L2290mm 2.outer table size:W1200×L2290mm 3.available cutting height:H600mm
4.cutting thickness:3~ mm 5.motor power:2.44kw 6. cutter band length:6180mm
7. fence height:300
7.machine layout size: L4.5m*W4*H2.1m
8.weight :1000KG
9.blade grinding systerm
10.movable working table fixed cutting unit frame (if contrary , price different)
11. manual upper blade guide /( motorized option : different price )
12. triangle (3 pcs) wheels movement systerm

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