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The Slabstock Foam Specialists
the precursor for eastfield is a mattress foam specailist,as times goes by , Eastfield has been developping into a machinery manufacturer for the production of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid foam blocks with its various kinds of cutting processing machines and our product range can easily be divided into following two areas:
1st :offer hi-tech maxfoam Continuous Plants or discontinuous plants world-wide foam industry
2nd :manufacturer of cutting machines for processing PU flexible foam, PE foam and rigid foam as well as rubber, neoprene, EPDM, expanded rubber and cork. Moreover, we produce custom-built machines for special materials like fleece, felt, honeycomb material and many others.
After Sell Service & Warranty
Eastfield offers one of the best warranties in the industry,guarantying all EF machine for 1 year and lifetime parts upgrade support & parts changement .
the Warranty system of eastfield outlining what is required to effect maximum Customer benefits. The Warranty period for your machine is 12 months commencing from the date of delivery. During the warranty period specified above, Eastfield international industrial ltd.( E.F ) shall repair or replace any part or parts which are found upon inspection to be defective in material or workmanship. The parts required for such repair or replacement will be provided without charge to the user by E.F during normal working hours. Warranty shall not apply to such parts as bladeknife, grinding wheel for bladeknife sharpen .maintain tools .
Installation for the machine
After-sell, if demand by our client of installation support, we will arrange install man to your factory to install the machine for you within the reasonable time , however , you should provide our technical with accommodation & meals ( 3 star level of Chinese ) during the period of our technician’s stay in your factory . “How long will be the installation last?” good question! We will inform you how long will to install your machine for you before we come, then come to agreement , and if exceed the agreed time , we should take the rest parts for accommodation .any satisfaction or suggestions for our install man , you are welcome to come to our services zone to get connect with our head service office !
As Our price is net cost for machine not included the installation parts, so the visa fee , and ticket fee should on our clients , so the total charge for our clients :
Installation charge = tickets + accommodation + meals
parts upgrade & parts change
We provide our clients who has buy machine from EF with technical support and free additional charge for changed parts that is to say when our machine upgrade or you want to modify your machine technical by yourself , we will provide you with technical support and you can get zero-level price for the parts .



'EASTFIELD' in Chinese mean “ Dongfeng “ ,composited of 2 Chinese world “dong” and “feng” , the first word 'dong' means east (it’s direction ) , “feng” means harvest ,can also say “of glorious “ so full of our company name mean ,”become glorious “as it’s expected , in Chinese spell :
Dongguan dongfeng jixie co.,ltd
Dongguan (city name) dongfeng (eastfield) jixie (machinery) co.,ltd
Is one of branch of “EASTFIELD INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED “ in Chinese spell :(head office) in Chinese mainland, locate in dongguan city (dongguan got the title of world manufacturer base) , in Chinese spell :
DongFeng (EASTFIELD/东丰)GuoJi (international/国际)ShiYE(industrial/实业)co.,ltd which mainly handle international business, its official web-site:www.foammachine-home.com

Dongguan (city name) dongfeng (EASTFIELD/东丰) jixie (machinery/机械) co.,ltd
Which is mainly in charge of its domestic business ! Official web-site: www.paomianjixie.com

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