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Research and Markets: Study This Analysis and Breakdown of the Mattress Production Industry...

Research and Markets: Study This Analysis and Breakdown of the Mattress Production Industry...
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( http://www.foammachine-home.com) has announced the addition of The World Mattress Industry 2004 to their offering.
This report offers a comprehensive picture of the world mattress industry,
providing trends in mattresses production and consumption, imports and exports and product type.
A breakdown of mattress production by material (foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, mattresses in other materials) is available for selected countries.
For each country imports and exports of mattresses are broken down by country and geographical area.
The analysis of mattress distribution channels is available for selected countries, and covers: mattress specialists and bedroom furniture stores, furniture retailers and furniture chains, department stores and hypermarkets, DIY, mail order, TV sales.
Short profiles of the main mattress manufacturers are provided. Data on leading sector companies, with turnover and product type, are available for selected countries.
Addresses of over 180 mattress manufacturers and distributors are also included.
Products covered include: mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, mattresses in other materials, sommiers.
Countries covered: the seven major industrial Countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States) plus Austria, Belgium

Companies Mentioned in this report include:
Ahlens, Beter Bed Holding, CIE Continentale Simmons, Crown Bedding, Danisches Bettenlager, Diroy, Dorlux Beds, Dormilon Descanso, Dunlopillo, EBAC Literie, Espe, European Sleep Products, Excellent Relax Bedding Co, Grand litier, Industria Bedding Frauflex, Industrias Bilbainas Relax, Le Bed, Literie Duvivier, Matratzen Concord, Nuitea, Onrev, P&L Beds, Palatine Beds, Pocket Spring Bed Company, Relyon, Rest Assured, ROVIVA Roth & Cie, Sapsa Bedding, Sealy, Silentnight Holding, Simmons, SLEEPING COMFORT Highgate Beds, Slumberland, Sprung Slumber, Superba Betten, SWISSFLEX Matra, The Windsor Bed Company, Veldeman Bedding, Wellform.
The contents of this report are as follows:
PART I: The world mattress industry: country analysis
Country analysis
--Seven major mattress manufacturing countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
--Other main manufacturing Countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Country data include:
--Mattress production, where available broken down by material: foam, latex, spring, others
--Mattress exports and imports
--Mattress consumption, where available analysis by distribution channels and major distribution companies
--Economic indicators, mattress consumption 1997-2003 and forecasts 2004-2005
--Selection of leading mattress manufacturers: turnover, employees, main products
PART II: The world mattress industry: production, consumption and trade
World mattress consumption and imports
--Mattresses consumption and imports, total and per capita GNP in 17 major markets, 2003
--Mattresses consumption in 10 major markets, trend 1997-2003
--The opening of mattress markets over the past 5 years, 17 major countries
--The main mattress importers, trend 1997-2003
World mattress production and exports
--Mattresses production and exports, total and per capita GNP in 17 major countries, 2003
--Mattresses production in 10 major countries, trend 1997-2003
--The main mattress exporters, trend 1997-2003
World mattress trade
--World mattress trade, trend 1997-2003 and forecasts 2004-2005
--Mattress exports, 32 major countries, trend 1997-2003
--Mattress imports, 32 major countries, trend 1997-2003
--World mattress trade. Destination of exports
--World mattress trade. Origin of imports
PART III: Major mattress manufacturers: company profiles
--Information on each mattress manufacturing company
--Address, telephone, fax, website
--Controlled companies, subsidiaries, brands
--Profile: company background, turnover, product breakdown, employees and production facilities, divisions, exports and outlet markets, distribution network and commercial strategies, investments and company strategies, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures
--addresses of over 180 manufacturers, controlled companies, subsidiaries, brands
For more information visit http://www.foammachine-home.com/Research_Markets.htm





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